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Meet and Greet

These workshops are a 2-3 days of hands-on as well as mental exercise on the topics you choose and are aimed to be seen as catalyst to your career in the given topic.

With some of the key fundamentals covered, it will be followed by a test that would grant the top ranker a paid 1 month internship, and the next 4 rankers an unpaid internship at our organization, where the students can get a further live hands on experience on real time products.

It's an exciting opportunity, with a lot to gain and it would involve some good discussion rounds with like minded people.

Join and grab a chance to grow!

The Giveaways are:-

Rank 1 :- Paid Internship

Rank 2-5 :- Unpaid Internship

Rank 6+ :- 1 week of special guided sessions with our mentors, where they would identify and give scholarships upto 50% in our guaranteed job program to top contributors during the entire week.