Course Highlights

Live interactions and Doubt Clearing Session
Live Sessions Project Building
Life time access to study material
Career Guidance Mentor Support
Free Access to our offline Events
Jobs & internship Support & Assistance
PRO Guidance for the performers
Vernacular Language Support
Practical tips and industry best practices

Courses to choose from

Note: You’ll see that the numbering in Live Projects of 80+ hours course for Automate with Python starts from 8, which means that the 80+ hours module of this mentorship will cover everything from 40+ hours mentorship plus these add-ons. This fact is applicable for every module in this course.
40+ hrs

INR 5400

Live Projects

  1. Automate Sorting of your choice in a folder having many files.
  2. Build an interactive dictionary.
  3. Create web map with Python and Folium.
  4. Building Website Blocker.
  5. Auto send texts in Whatsapp.
  6. Auto Download episodes from favorite YouTube Channel.
  7. Data Collector Web app with PostGreSQL and Flask.

Course Outcomes

  1. Learn Web Scraping.
  2. Do Interactive Data Visualization on the browser.
  3. Interact with SQLite and PostGreSQL Databases.
  4. Get the bragging rights of being cool.
80+ hrs

INR 9000


  1. All 40+ hrs features +

Live Projects

  1. Webcam Motion Detector using OpenCv.
  2. Automate multiple things in Whatsapp.
  3. Scrapping Dynamic Websites.
  4. Clone of Goibibo.
  5. Play music from Python Shell.
  6. Convert video files to mp3 files.
  7. Virtual Assistant similar to Jarvis.
  8. Getting Contact no. of all your LinkedIn contacts

Course Outcomes

  1. Get pro in dynamic Web Scraping.
  2. Do advanced web data handling and parsing with Python.
  3. Automate almost anything in python.