Basically Alien Brains has three verticals to operate on. To begin with, we organize workshops, seminars and training programs for both schools and colleges. Students are assisted and assured to be provided with a driving force that will eventually bring the best out of them so that the 'Learners of today can be Creators of tomorrow'. The top performers at the end of the program are hired as interns to work on our different projects and products.

The way we generally work is, we provide150-300+ hours mentorship program, where the undergrads, select one of Machine Learning, Front end Development, Back End Development, Competitive Coding, ERP solutions in Java, UI / UX Design and Development, etc. and then go fromweekly 10-40 hours of mentorship program depending upon the batch they are in. Taking a modular training approach, we enhance their skills by getting their hands dirty on more than 15 live projects in each course.

While weekly special guidance sessions from our collaborator colleagues working in top companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Samsung, Adobe, etc. is also a feature of our program, based on the preparation & the course opted, we assist them with guaranteed internships & jobs across companies in PAN India.

College Workshop

We go to various colleges and ranging from single day to 2 months, we provide workshops from introductory to advanced level in fields of computer science, helping students to connect the dots and get started.

Industrial Training

Training period ranges between 50+ hours to 300+ hours where we as mentors working in software industry work with you on live projects, provide you the corporate experience and assist you then to gain internships.

Incubations Support

If you are someone, who needs some space and guidance for the projects of your dreams to turn them into the products, we provide you and your team that support upon seeing the potential in you and your idea.